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In ABIT we take care of any aspect of your business, from domain, hosting, internet provider, POS systems, emails, Office 365, firewall, security software etc to end user computers, tablets, phones. Issues & problems, addressed and resolved with assistance of ABIT are the reasons our customers wont switch to other support company.On the top of it we provide solutions that make company operating faster and more officiant .We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. Read below to find out why the sky’s the limit when using ABIT services.

ABIT Is More Than Just Support, We Cover All Aspects Of IT In Your Life.

ABIT is offering consultancy and support in decision making process to help you to pick the tools which are right for you. We know our customers and we know what they need to get things done.

Take Control of Your Life. Yeah, There’s An Option For That.

ABIT can assure that Tought ” I left this file on my office PC and I need it now” will never be a problem. Our customers cane work on their office desktop from anyware in the world just like if they seat on their office chair. That’s not all. They can open files and emails from their mobile, tablet or any other computer, get thing done and not to worry that it will be difficult to find later.

Real Support. Real People.

We know what it’s like to need support. Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated. With a hands on support center, online documentaiton and tutorials, it’s no wonder that some of our best reviews are about our amazing support.

Support System

Our support system is the perfect place to receive more detailed instructions on using your theme.

The Golden Rule

We know everyone needs support. Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated.
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Extensive Documentation

Online and easily accessible, these are detailed instructions on how to use Avada.

Find The Answers

This is the place to find just about anything you need to know about using your theme.
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HD Video Tutorials

Nothing is easier then learning first hand by watching a nicely composed high-definition video.

Learn By Watching

Watch our HD narrated video tutorials to quickly learn how to use various parts of your theme.
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Reviews From Around The Globe

Some of Our favorites reviews regarding ABIT

“Its Unbelievable, I was stock at 11 PM with important job and Andre helped me from remote solving issue in 3 minutes. ”


Billy Shaw


“Our school had many issues and now all is working right. I don’t miss old days”

Michael Feeney

School Principal

“Since ABIT fixed our existing issues and improved how we work we can spend more time on community projects.”

Deirdre McMahon

ACM Office Administration